Thursday, January 31, 2013

トゥランギ・マス養殖場見学 Trip to Trout Breeding Farm in Turangi

Maintaining our ecosystems, maintaining our future
English translation below:

  One of our stops in Taupo was to a rainbow trout breeding farm in Turangi, located on the west bank of the Tongariro River, on Aotearoa's North Island Volcanic Plateau. This facility aims to raise awareness of sustaining the trout population. Unbeknownst to many, the teeny tiny whitebait fish,  if allowed to grow to full size, develop into trout. The trout farm seeks to make this common knowledge.
  Furthermore, the facility has two other roles: providing practical training to young people, and maintaining a stock of rainbow trout to release back to the natural environment should there be some sort of natural disaster such as a volcano, that reduces the number of trout in the waters. The trout fishing practice space receives around 3000 student visitors annually and carries out classes on fresh water maintenance.
  Before we left the farm, we received an important message from one of the instructors, "By protecting our fresh water sources, fresh water protects us in return." We were impressed by how much New Zealand values the natural environment and realized that through our overly convenient lifestyles, we've forgotten many important old teachings about nature.  Through this facility we were reminded of how nature sustains and protects us.
Sapo tapkar Ainu dance- "Show me your sister's dance, show me your village's dance" A Saru region sparrow dance

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