Thursday, February 14, 2013

ラグラン・リサイクルセンター Raglan/Whāingaroa Xtreme Waste Recycling Center

At the Raglan Extreme Waste Center with our recycled purchases
English below!


 ラグラン・リサイクルセンター(Xtreme Waste)で私たちを迎えて下さったのはジャッキー・フォーブスさん。彼女の案内で、センター内の各リサイクル場を見学し、ゴミからどれほどのものがリサイクルできるのか、どのように行っているのかを学びました。ジャッキーさんは、「ゴミというものは存在せず、ゴミは全て資源です」と教えて下さいました。地球環境を顧みるために私たちができることを、たくさん教えて頂きました。
Today we visited an independent recycling center for Raglan/Whāingaroa City and an organic farm using Maori techniques for farming.    We were greeted by Jackie Forbes at the Xtreme Waste recycling center. She showed each recycling area and how recycling of different items is carried out.

Most importantly, she explained to us how you can recycle anything no matter what it is!“There is no such thing as garbage, all garbage is a resource of some kind,” Jackie said. She reminded us that there are many things that you can for the environment.
According to the Xtreme Waste website, the goal of the facility formed in 2000 is "To establish a waste management system for the Raglan/Whāingaroa community based on the principles of zero waste to landfill.":

Within just 10 years, Xtreme Waste has helped the community to divert 75% of waste from landfill and won a Green Ribbon Award.

Xtreme Waste employs 26 local people and operates a recycling centre and transfer station, kerbside recycling, pre-paid bag refuse collection, business waste collection, street waste and recycling bins and miniskip hire. It also offers an education programme for schools, businesses and communities, funded by Waikato District Council and works in partenership with the EERST Zero Waste Education Programme.

In July 2007, Xtreme Waste successfully negotiated a seven year contract with Waikato District Council ensuring a continued commitment to zero waste.

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