Friday, February 15, 2013

学校見学、タイ・ワナンガ Tai Wānanga - Maori-based high school

Student independently working science in the study space
English below!  
2月15日に私たちは、二つの学校を訪れました。一つは、タイ・ワナンガ(Tai Wānanga、もう一つは、ンガー・タイアーテア・ファレクラ(Ngā Taiātea wharekura

Principal Westrupp outlines the values of Tai Wānanga

Students serving lunch


On February 15, we visited to Maori-based high schools, Tai Wānanga, and Ngā Taiātea Wharekura.

Principal Westrupp explains the individual learning plan in the study space
We were greeted by the Principal Toby Westrupp and the students at Tai Wānanga. After the powhiri (welcoming ceremony), Principal Westrupp gave us a presentation about the school where we learned about the values of the school. Each student has an individual learning plan tailored to their career aspirations, interests, and strengths. Health and well-being is strongly emphasized, with physical conditioning taking place every day at 8am. The school also provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch for students. Cultivating pride in students’ Maori heritage is also one of the core values, as are high expectations, the ability to inspire, and high achievement.
Lining up for lunch in the cafeteria

In order to be true to these values, Principal Westrupp explained that the learning environment is critical, so at the school, which only takes a small number of students so that each student can get personal attention, students study close to each other to reach their individual goals. After the presentation, we were taken on a tour of the school where we saw how each student was allowed to freely study individually in the comfortably arranged study space.

One student, who was studying business, showed us his textbook. Another student was studying French, and another studying science was diligently taking notes of their text in their notebook.

We couldn’t help but notice how different the ambition of the principal to create a learning environment is from back home in Japan.

Students and tutors listen in on the Principal's presentation


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