Thursday, February 7, 2013

タネ・マフタ、アオテアロア最大最古の樹 Tane Mahuta, Aotearoa's largest and oldest tree

Tane Mahuta- God of the Forest
ホイアンガ湾を訪れたあとは、ニュージーランドで最古にして最大の樹タネ・マフタ・カウリ(Tane Mahuta Kauri)を見に行きました。



After visiting Hoianga Bay, we went to see New Zealands oldest and largest Kauri tree named Tane Mahuta (god of the forest).

According to Maori mythology, Ranginui, the father of the sky, and Papatuanuku, mother Earth, had a sun named Tane. Ranginui and Papatuanuku were tied together in embrace until one day Tene pried them apart by laying on his back and pushing them apart with his feat. This brought forth the space, air, and light, and life was born.  

Since Tane is responsible for bringing life to earth, all living creatures are considered the children of Tane.  It is quite difficult to estimate the age of Tane Mahuta, however it is thought that the kaori tree is roughly 2000 years old. On the opposite side of Tane Mahuta was a tree clearly larger and bigger than the rest of the surrounding trees, but despite this, it is only 200 or 300 years old, so relatively young in comparison to Tane Mahuta. Tane Mahuta's diameter is 13.8m and is 51.5m tall.

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